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Xcelerate Your Sales

with Prism Digital Communications



Through a dynamic matrix of digital and direct mail marketing solutions, we help our clients reach their customers and 'Xcelerate' their sales. This cloud based platform-as-a-service solution is designed to propel businesses to the next level.

SalesXcelerator™ Platfom

EZ Lead™ Integrated Direct Mail

Whether you need a single postcard mailing or a data-driven automated campaign, our direct mail service scales to best connect you with your prospects and customers. With our EZ Lead solution™, you can finally track direct mail leads and integrate your digital marketing strategies with postcard campaigns.


Mailing is easy, and we handle every aspect as a full-service mailing service provider. We offer EZ Address™ list generation, customizable templates, concierge design services, and more through our branded storefronts. 

62% of Americans say direct mail has inspired them to take action*. EZ Lead™ makes it easy to convert mail recipients. 

Integrated Direct Marketing

Printing Services

From business cards to billboards, we are equipped to meet all of your print needs. We offer a full array of digital, inkjet and traditional offset printing services, as well as creative services to ensure your products align to your branding requirements. Our true print-on-demand e-commerce platform supports short and long print runs, and is designed to get static or customized print product into customers' hands.


From point-of-sale to your salesforce to direct-to-consumer, we are a print marketing partner focused on driving outcomes. 

Printing Services

Marketing Portals & Webstores

Craft your self-service marketing portal with Prism. We build custom, branded instances of our SalesXcelerator™ platform for marketing-on-demand requirements. From static to fully dynamic requirements, printing to shipping, direct mail marketing to social media templates, our storefronts are tailored to meet your organization's unique needs supporting your brand and business rules. 

Marketing Portals & Webstores
"EZ Lead Mailings have become a regular part of my print marketing plan. I use it to circle prospect around JUST LISTED and JUST SOLD homes as well as my designated farm area  to find potential new sellers. I have tied in links for my website and social media pages. It's so great to receive instant notification when someone scans your QR Code.  Easy to use, great intel, and another wonderful way to lead gen to achieve business growth!"

Laurie Jordan, Real Estate Agent


Why Choose Prism Digital Communications?

Marketing Partners Invested in Your Success

When you work with Prism Digital Communications you aren't just buying a product. We are your true marketing services partner. We focus on ensuring your campaigns are maximized, leveraging our EZ Lead technology to bring you leads and more sales. 

It's our pleasure to provide you with dedicated service, personalized attention and advice, and decades of combined experience managing digitally integrated direct mail marketing campaigns. That's something you won't get anywhere else.

Direct Mail for the Digital Age

Direct mail isn't dead—especially not when it's digitally integrated. From our EZ Lead™ trackable QR codes to our SalesXcelerator™ solution, our direct mail technologies provide our clients outstanding ROI.

For one of our large national real estate brokerage clients, 41% of their new clients had received at least 1 mailing we'd generated on behalf of their agents prior to the homeowner listing with the brokerage**. That comes out to 15,065 listings over a 3 year period, generating over $5 billion in new listing sales.

Relationship Marketing Programs 

Our Neighborhood Pin and Town Pin products are designed to help small businesses build relationships in their local markets. 

Our technology capabilities paired with our print production leadership enables us to craft unique and customizable marketing experiences. It's all designed to drive better outcomes and relationships.   

As an old marketing campaign by BASF once communicated, "We make a lot of the products you buy - better." Our capabilities can make your brand and creative more effective and successful. 

*Source: State of Direct Mail Consumer Insights Report, 2022

**Source: Prism Digital Communications mailing data, July 2018 - July 2021

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