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SalesXcelerator™ Platform

Our clients invest in marketing to drive sales and generate revenue. By making the execution faster, easier and ubiquitous across multiple channels, we 'Xcelerate' the process of revenue generation and sales.

SalesXcelerator™ is our proprietary Platform as a Service (PaaS) marketing services and automation solution. Provided via a secure, cloud-based e-commerce site, SalesXcelerator™ allows for the quick, comprehensive production and distribution of branded print and digital marketing collateral. The creation, review, production and tracking of direct mail campaign orders is all managed by Prism from within your custom-built self-service webstore. With a multi-tier architecture and multiple user and admin rights levels, the SalesXcelerator™ platform is designed to meet the unique needs of small or large businesses, as well as end users.

Whether on its own or as part of broader marketing strategy, SalesXcelerator™ is designed to make marketing more effective. 

Multi-Channel Touch Points

Integrate multiple channels and types of content so you can engage your customers with direct mail, social media, video content and websites.


Engagement is designed to drive measurable outcomes.

Universal Call to Action

Phone, email, social and web forms all provide you with client data and preferences.

3-Tier Branding

Across channels, your marketing promotes both the product or service, the company, and on the sales agent/point of purchase.

Built on Solid Data

We drive relevance through data utility, quality, execution and consistency.

Invested in Your Success

As your marketing partners, you can count on dedicated support from the PDC team to ensure your campaigns deliver real revenue and sales.

Sales Xcelerator™ Webstores

Every instance of our SalesXcelerator™ platform includes a webstore, which is branded and configured to our clients' needs. We host marketing templates (and the assets used to configure templates) and enforce business rules around the accessing, creating and approval of all branded marketing materials. Orders can be processed via credit card or corporate purchasing, down to actual user stipends. 

Our webstores take care of all the details of processing postal mailings.  All paperwork and submission requirements for USPS processing is built in, and our direct mail tracking feature allows you to verify exactly when your mail is delivered.


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